Rembrandt: 100 Guilder Print

Jesus Healing the Sick 100 Guilder Print

Most commonly known as the “100 Guilder Print” (c. 1649) and arguably one of Rembrandt’s most notable etchings, it is also referred to as “Jesus Healing the Sick” or “Christ Preaching” and occasionally “Jesus Calling the Little Children” (even though most in the print are not children). “100 guilder” is a reference to the story that Rembrandt paid 100 guilders, a large sum of money at that time, to buy back one of his own prints. According to a 2001 article in Forbes magazine, Rembrandt paid 9,000 guilders for his house in 1639.

The large (27.8cm x 38.8cm) and powerful image is an amalgamation of various stories from the Book of Matthew where we see Jesus addressing the Pharisees, healing the sick and caring for the poor, all with Peter closely observing.

Over 100 years after it was created, Irish art collector Captain William Baillie purchased and reworked the plate and sold several reworked images.  Baillie eventually cut the plate into four separate pieces in 1776 and sold the image in quarters, thus making original images from the plate as worked by Rembrandt substantial more valuable.  

Femtocells Are Not Just About Connectivity


I was pretty excited a few months ago when I bought a new Femtocell device from my cellular service provider. My wife and I had noticed that we had begun having problems connecting to the network and calls were dropping more frequently so I swallowed my pride and paid $250 solve my carrier’s coverage problem. I expected to get maximum “bars” in my house easily and seamlessly. But my experience was far from plug and play. Actually when I called the carriers help desk they said something to the effect of “oh it doesn’t work with data plans yet. You’ll need to turn off the data portion of your Blackberry each time you walk in the house.” I promptly packaged it back up and returned it to the retail store. I figured I’d wait a generation or two before trying it again. Maybe the price would come down in the meantime.

While I am still not ready to try again to solve my carrier’s coverage problems, I must admit my interest in femtocells is revitalized. At a recent CommNexus San Diego SIG focusing on “Femto Services” I got a glimpse into the future and like what I see. If femtocells live up to expectations it could become the link between your mobile phone and embedded wireless devices in your home such as your TV, HVAC, and utilities. Via a femtocell, you will be able to remotely communicate with your house to manage every embedded device such as turning on the oven, or responding to a SMS reminding you that you left the lights on. There will also be presence enabled capabilities that detect your phone as you walk through the door and immediately turn on the TV, air conditioner and appropriate lights as you move throughout the house. In addition to knowing when your kids are home because their phone comes within range of the femto, you can also leave them a “digital post-it note” reminding them to clean their room as soon as they get home.

There are several devices vying to be the hub of the future digital home but unless those devices connect to your smart phone then they won’t work. I can see a combination Femto/Wi-Fi device controlling those connections in our future homes where we live just like the Jetsons.