Extreme Service

Bending Over Backwards For Our Customers.

The mobile industry is tough. With only a handful of carriers each trying to parlay new customers out of a saturated and demanding marketplace, the business climate is competitive to say the least.  Wireless customers want cooler smart phones, more apps, more speed, more bandwidth, fewer dropped calls and they want it all for a lower monthly price. Being successful in this kind of environment requires extraordinary effort. So servicing this kind of a client can be a daunting task for the team at Md7 as we work with carriers to help them effectively manage their very large portfolios of wireless real estate in a way that’s never been done before.

When you’re helping people change the way they do business, customer satisfaction is no longer enough. A company must engender customer loyalty to make a difference. It’s not about responding to client needs, but anticipating them and then fixing any problems you encounter along the way. In short, it’s about giving a client more than they expect. In the end, a good deal or great results isn’t enough. At Md7, we call this “extreme service.”

A recent article “How Amazon Aims to Keep You Clicking” in BusinessWeek reminded me that it’s exactly this level of “extreme service” that distinguishes a company. BusinessWeek named Amazon #1 in this endeavor because of their overwhelming success in establishing trust with their customers who purchase products sight unseen. Because what we do is relatively new in the industry, Md7 works to earn this same level of confidence with our own clients by providing extreme service.

A comment we recently received from a client let us know we’re on the right track. He said, “I’ve never worked with a crew as fast as you folks at Md7…I feel like I’m sitting in a busy restaurant but I’ve got 10 waiters all focused on me.”

Whether it’s a cup of coffee or a 10-course meal, we want all our clients to feel just like this. It’s part of our core values and we intend to live up to it every time we gather around the table.